Monday, February 1, 2010

So the weekend that I have been waiting for since December has finally come and gone. Virginia family weekend! Jonah and I planned to visit my family at the end of January, since Dads birthday is at the beginning of February, and his family at the end of February (Mom Quiahs birthday is at the beginning of March). We decided to relinquish our car. We got tired of moving it around and further more there was an actual puddle behind the passenger side seat.

Road trip.
When Boy and I started dating we spent the majority of the relationship on the road. We lived 3 hours from one another and tried our best to see each other once every week and a half. The last road trip we made was pretty exciting, so exciting that neither one of us remembered it. We were moving to NYC, the car was loaded, and we were on our way to live our dream, hand in hand. This road trip was different, it was made by two wiser and exhausted New Yorkers.

The departure time was 9pm but due to work issues Jonah closed my car door at 11pm. He jumped in the driver seat and we made our last gas purchase, $42!! We don’t miss gas prices. Seems fair that the last time we filled up the price per gallon would be almost $3. The trip was about 7 hours . We spent the majority of the trip talking about all the road trips we had made, more specifically the positives and negatives of owning a car. I think we both decided the greatest thing about owning a car is the lack of homeless people that have defecated themselves in the seat. I took 2 cat naps and Jonah did all the driving. When we were about an hour outside Richmond the sky opened up and the winter wonderland began. Jonah did such a great job keeping the car on the road . It figures that we arrived at Dads around 6:30am and it looked like Christmas. It felt good to be back.

We knew sleep was something we wouldn’t get much of this trip. We woke up at noon and went downstairs to say hello to Dad and Fred. It was so nice to see Dad first thing in the morning (or afternoon). We watched the snow fall and discussed going to get Eddie, Beth, and the Babies. We eventually went to their house and had a blast with them. Dad made pot roast in the crockpot for dinner.

The kids have gotten so big. Kayla immediately recognized us and ran into my arms. There are very few hugs that are better than that of a child that you love. She babbled so much at us until she saw Papa and then, “PAPA!!!”. He’s a celebrity over there. Then Beth handed over Crash (Landon). Oh my goodness that baby has gotten big. Such a smiley guy. He crawls so fast too. He follows Kayla around. He wants to do everything shes doing. Wont be long until hes running after her.

Eddie and Beth look great! They seem to be doing very well. They are such a great parents. Its really inspiring watching them with the babies. They always have the best junk food too!!! It was so good to see them and talk to them again. I have missed them so much. We left Beths bag at home by accident so we will be mailing that one back. Eddie wants a Rolex so it back to the streets again. How I love these adventures.

A Sunday Adventure.
We took Amtrak back home. We kissed Dad good bye as we took our late train to Penn Station. This was Jonahs first time on Amtrak. He is loving it! (We are currently waiting in Washington, DC) it’s a long trip but its very relaxing. He has been writing scripts and I have been editing photos to post here and Facebook. Leaving my family is never easy but leaving with the man of dreams and knowing that he will move mountains so that we can return to them make the goodbyes a lot easier.