Saturday, November 28, 2009

{Twenty Six}

Twenty six has always been my favorite number.
Twenty six is the day in November I was born.
Twenty six has always been one of the lottery ticket numbers I played.
Twenty six is part of most numeric things I choose.
Twenty six is when I surrendered to love.
Twenty six is when I moved to my dream city.
Twenty six is when I began to live my life.
Twenty six is when I realized I inherited the same work ethic my parents have.
Twenty six is when I decided to start living and play lead in my life.
Twenty six is when I got a reality check into the real world.
Twenty six is when my heart broke leaving my family to make my own life and family.
Twenty six is the year the disappointments life sent my way made me truly stronger.
Twenty six is when I started to believe in myself.
Twenty six is the year I started to really figure out who I am.
Twenty six had a resolution: "So What" and it worked.
Twenty six was a fantastic year for me.

Twenty six, please rub your magic off on Twenty seven. I have a feeling it may not be quite as kind as you were to me. But here's praying!

Twenty Sevens resolution: Live life to the fullest, Laugh about everything because every day is a privilege, and Love with all my heart without restriction and myself.


Happy Birthday/Thanksgiving to meeee

As promised... my Birthday and Thanksgiving...

My birthday started a day early, November 25, when the office surprised me with a birthday song and an ice cream cake. Then the most amazing happy birthday serenade by this guy I work with who is a choir singer. It was beautiful and powerful!

Then Jonah picks me up from work and we got home and he gives me his birthday present with the sweetest card! He got me an Ipod Touch! It is so amazing and I love it. He's gunna teach me more about it soon, I hope (hint hint Honey).

Thanksgiving started a little late. We slept in, being that it was my birthday and we only had a small turkey to cook. The plan was to catch the end of the Macys Day Parade. Well we rushed to get ready and hopped on the train and came out of the subway to see the back of the very last float. What a disappointment. But we ran around trying to keep up with parade until we realized it wasnt going to happen. So we watched the floats die and carried on with our day, on to Micky Ds.

We attempted to rush home so we could pick Terry up from the Hotel he was staying at. Turns out he had an over night in NYC and was able to eat dinner with us. It was great to have Thanksgiving dinner in our first apartment and it was great to have Terry as our guest.

When we came home our super went crazy. It pretty much ruined the great mood we were both in. Im still reeling about that one.

Wonderful time was had by all... until about 9pm.

I am counting that as my adventure for the week and this weekend im taking it easy doing domestic things like organizing my closet, doing laundry, and avoiding dishes...

Lots of Love!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Dear Super,
Next time you are drunk and belligerent and decide yelling at Jonah and I, and being direspectful is a how you want to handle your german sheppard barking at my cat I hope you think twice. Next time you will be put in your place. Threaten me one more time. The world, as you know it, will be completely different and you will be moving to Flordia a lot quicker than you origially thought. You may think that Im some young dumb kid but, trust me, you dont want to find out otherwise.

My super, the one we thought was so cool, has turned out to be a jerk. He has this huge german sheppard that barks all day long and now he has finally found an excuse to tell the tenants when they call, our cats. So tonight he was drunk and approched us as we were coming home and immediately started yelling at us. He says his dog went off about Soxy being in the window. He was talking down to me, as if I were a dumb young girl. Most of the time I would blow of the yelling but when he talked down to me I was all done. Do not be rude and disrespectful! Im not rude to you when your dog barks and my cats are nowhere near the window but I can be. Then he said that he will crawl up our fire escape and destroy our cats and doesnt care if he goes to jail. Now Im all hyped up.

I'll blog about my birthday and thanksgiving tomorrow. I need to help boy get to sleep. He has to work at 5am. Poor guy!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

To The Village, Birthday Boy!

This weekend was pretty exciting! We had plenty to do. We usually wait for Saturday to come along before starting the weekend or have a quiet date night on Fridays but this weekend we went out for drinks with my coworker for her birthday. It was very enjoyable. But Saturday was full of magic.

On Saturday boy had to work till 8pm. But we had plans to finally celebrate his birthday! My gift to him, his first tattoo. But until 8 I had my own to do list. First stop, the grocery store. Its thanksgiving week and the grocery store is already tiny. I wanted to be able to have some small, cute dinner. Its just going to be Jon(ah), Terry, and I. When in the very packed grocery store they were playing all Christmas music and everything was good. I was getting in the Christmas spirit until "I'll be home for Christmas" came on. I lost it. The "R train weeper" hits the Foodmart! No autographs please. Sheesh! But I figured out what my problem is, besides the obvious. Ever since I started this new job i havent had insurance, making my anti-depressants an arm and leg to pay for. I believe the sensitivity is due to my lack of meds and the emotional situation also known as the Holiday's. Ive decide to make sure to invest in those. They are important.

Then I went to get my haircut and my goodness...amazing! It was $18 and they washed, cut and styled my hair. The shampoo was absolutely incredible. It was a massage. Lovely time there. I was in and out in 45 mins. Record time. I hated not being able to go to Amy but I dont know when I can get home. Its not lookin promising till February.

And on to the exciting part... Boys Birthday celebration!! We went to the village o get the ink. Boy was pretty excited and nervous. He had an artist named Israel. Very cool guy. The pictures will say more than i can about this. I will be posting them. Boys with ink are hoootttttt. :) Especially mine!

And today is Sunday. We love sundays. Today Boy went and got his hair done at the same place and agreed that they are amazing. Then we ran some errands and went to see 2012. jon(ah) was in heaven because of the comic book store right next door to the movies. I had prepared a crockpot meal (Roasted Red Pepper chicken with potatoes and fresh rolls) that we came home to. Very good day.

We are waiting for the super... Im so tired.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are you sure its not the city of Brotherly Love?

If you haven't noticed the blogging generally happens on the weekend because thats when life continues for us. During the week is work work work,about 50 hours a week these days. Overtime is banging! But theres no time for a social life during the week. I don't even have time to do my banking or clean my house. I eat dinner at 10-10:30 at night! I believe New Yorkers favorite thing to do is WORK. But I think they may be some of the most helpful people I have ever encountered.

This weekends big adventure, Target. Now, I know to many of you this isn't an adventure (for Dads sake- they don't have walmarts in the city). We have a special little push cart we bought, everyone in nyc has one and so do we. Driving, even in Brooklyn is difficult due to the parking situations. So you need a push cart because when you run errands you don't have a car trunk to put things in. Target is about 2 trains and 10 stops away on the weekend (some trains run local instead of express on the weekend). So I took my push cart to target yesterday for a microwave, crock pot, toilet bowl cleaner, cleaning supplies, and socks and underwear. The target is in a mall and its two stories. They have a cart escalator! Not for push carts but shopping carts. It was a mad house!! The employees were not very nice. Non of the employees at that mall were nice to be honest. But target was incredible and my push cart was too small.

Once I finished getting only what was on the list, made by Boy and I, I looked at my push cart with dread. I had to get all the way back home with this over loaded push cart. Something to take into consideration, not every subway station has elevators or escalators. Atlantic Pacific has an elevator, which is broken. So I just stood at the top of the stairs staring down when a nice gentleman came by and asked if he could help me. I said, if you wouldn't mind terribly. Thank God!! Then once we got down I thanked him and he left. There was yet another set of stairs I needed to go down and this time I was attempting to do it myself. Then a woman and her young son came by and asked if I needed help. Again, if you wouldn't mind terribly... and they even helped me get the stuff through the emergency gate at the subway gates. When I finally made my train I was thrilled and tired.

I still had to get them up the stairs at my subway station and up to my apartment (boy was working). Ya know, I did it all one step at a time. Its easier to go up the stairs then down them. I wasn't frustrated, I was happy because there were so many helpful people in the city that is known for their rude people. I will tell you that has not been my experience at all. Everyone has been great, for the most part. Nicer than anywhere Ive ever lived. Incredible.

On Friday night I made Korma Curry Chicken and Indian rice along with some wheat pita bread. Boy was missing moms home cooking and though I know mine will never be as good as hers, I hope to give him a taste of it. He liked it and was surprised. I didn't tell him I was doing it. Be brought me the prettiest purple flowers.

Yesterday morning I video chatted with Beth and the kids! It was soooo good to see them all! I miss them sooo much it kills me. Honestly breaks my heart. I wish we could see each other. Thanksgiving has been canceled and I'm trying to book a plane ticket for December. Its impossible with this job to get any time off and would be easier for the next 3 months if people would come to me but if they cant I will try to get to them. I need to see them.

We paint next weekend. Stay tuned.

Off to Target, laundry, and the water today.. also the pharmacy.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

We rang in November...

And the weekend came and went again. On Friday night Boy and I enjoyed a quiet night in. It was nice. I had another breakdown on the train because I missed the kids and dad sent me some videos of them, that i got on the subway again. So I was a little somber at at home and we went to bed early because I worked till 8pm that night- we got home a little before 10. Long day.

Saturday we got so much done. I finally opened a bank account. I didn't have time during the week so luckily I found one that was open on the weekend and a great banker. While we were out that morning we took fuzzy to the vet. He has a urinary tract infection, poor guy. That visit cost us $240. Phew those vets will get ya! But when you love your baby you do what you have to do to help them.

Fuzzy did not like the subway or the venture into downtown Bay Ridge. He cried the entire time. We even took him into the bank with us. He was confused I think. Poor guy.

When we got home we found an amazing pizza place. It was seriously the BEST Pizza I have EVER had in my life! Vodka sauce. Fantastic! And then went grocery shopping.

We came home and took a nap and then got ready for Jesses birthday party. It was a lot of fun. Everyone was there. I brought the camera out per usual. Lots of crazy excited people there to help Jesse turn 25. Jonah got him a Snakebite and had one himself. Money was really really tight due to all the bills being due and the vet. But we are hoping next week for a little more breathing room.

On our way home from the party, around 12:30am, we ran into a friend who had a little too much to drink and was having a tough time making it home so 5 of us helped him home and Jonah and I stayed with him until he threw everything up and slept it off a bit. We left around 4:30am... and ...

we went to the subway station and it was just Jonah and I and another young guy. He was sleeping sitting up on a bench. Well eventually he laid on the ground and slept there and its illegal to do that. So the cops were called and they went to wake him up, to ticket him I'm sure, and turns out he was dead. He died waiting for the train. Pretty sad and surprising. One minute he was alive and the next he was gone. Kinda shook me up to be honest.

Sunday we slept for a long time and cleaned and did laundry. Not what had wanted to do but we needed to get stuff done and not be exhausted.

Somewhere during the weekend I twisted my ankle. Its discolored and hurts super bad. If I still had insurance I would run to the urgent care and have it looked at but I don't have the time or money right now. Maybe in two weeks. Ive been wrapping it with an ace bandage and taking IB prophen. I guess that's all I can do right now and try to stay off of it. Its hard because theres so much walking in the city. Hopefully it all just heals quickly.

I'm tired. I think I will try to take a nap on the couch and sneak peeks at Boy across the room.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sometimes its not rainbows and stardust...

Took two hours to park the car tonight.
I got off the subway and immediately found the car so that I could move it from its "No Parking on Thursday" spot so that Boy wouldn't have to get up early on his day off to move it. Turns out my relaxing night to myself turned into moving the car...into yet another "No Parking on Thursday" spot. He's going to have to move it himself now. I tried. He's out with friends tonight and I thought I would do something nice... oh well. That back fired on me. Now its even further from the apartment in an area that Im not so sure I wont get a ticket in.

By the time I got home my headache was even worse. All day today at work I had this at home fantasy about how the night would play out and pretty immediately it was evident that it was not going to go as planned. Oh well.

I guess its fair to say that Im pretty grumpy right now. Im tired, hungry, and kinda lonely. Making dinner seems like too much of an effort for the mood Im in right now. Plus the kitchen/apt is a mess and I hate that. So I think its about bedtime.

I love the city but I miss home.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gotta be the full moon...

Maybe it was the full moon or the Indian Holiday but today was perfect.

I woke up for the first time in almost a month, well rested. Went to work and had to deal with the phones. Now, the phones are NOT my favorite but anytime I can get better at my new job, great! I had a yummy lunch with some interesting company. Then we got out e.a.r.l.y!!!

I got to go home at 5pm, kids!! It was amazing! The train was great! I got a seat on every train and I got to actually read the entire ride home while I ate my orange, yes on the subway!!

Then I got home at 6:15!!!!! It was fantastic!! I cleaned the house and made turkey meat loaf and green beans while I awaited boys arrival home. It was great. The house was incredibly warm but it smelled delishhh!

Then after dinner Uncle Ben stopped over for Jon(ah)s raw party (wrestling). Our first house guest! Pretty exciting,folks! We gave him a spare key. Yay!

The one big downfall... Fuzzy is not feeling well and we need to get him to the vet... so I guess we will take him in. I was kinda hoping he was just stressed out, cats are sooo sensitive but it seems he hasn't gotten over it. So on Friday/ Saturday Fuzzy and Mommy will be visiting a new vet together! Poor boy! I hate that we have to wait till the end of the week but I haven't been paid yet and we cant afford to take him till I do.

Alright, bed time for me. I'll leave these boys to their wrestling and racist clips on the inter web!

I hope I get to see the kids sooooon! I miss them so much!

Hey! Thanksgiving our place!!! Ohhhh yeaaah!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

We had a great weekend.

Friday night Boy and I went on a date. We went to explore a little more of Bay Ridge. We had Dominican food and went to see "This is It" (the Michael Jackson movie- Boy is a huge fan). It was fantastic. The media always portrays Jackson as a child and in this film we get to see him as a very talented man who is very involved in every aspect of his career and art. It was very good.

Saturday, Boy had to work so I cleaned the house and ran errands and got ready for Halloween. I love Bay Ridge. I never feel uncomfortable running around alone and everyone is sooo nice.

We went to the nyc Halloween parade in the village and it was so ridiculous! So many great costumes! After that we went to a Halloween party with the posse at this amazingly beautiful apartment that I am head over heels in love with!! Such a great group of people! We got home at 4am (really 5am).

We wanted to go the chocolate festival that Mandy sent us info on and we had every intention of going but sadly we got up too late and I wasnt feeling so hot today. So we enjoyed the autumn in central park and watched the Marathon. It was perfect.

Now we are watching a movie on the couch while we both do our communication thing online.

A great weekend!!