Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are you sure its not the city of Brotherly Love?

If you haven't noticed the blogging generally happens on the weekend because thats when life continues for us. During the week is work work work,about 50 hours a week these days. Overtime is banging! But theres no time for a social life during the week. I don't even have time to do my banking or clean my house. I eat dinner at 10-10:30 at night! I believe New Yorkers favorite thing to do is WORK. But I think they may be some of the most helpful people I have ever encountered.

This weekends big adventure, Target. Now, I know to many of you this isn't an adventure (for Dads sake- they don't have walmarts in the city). We have a special little push cart we bought, everyone in nyc has one and so do we. Driving, even in Brooklyn is difficult due to the parking situations. So you need a push cart because when you run errands you don't have a car trunk to put things in. Target is about 2 trains and 10 stops away on the weekend (some trains run local instead of express on the weekend). So I took my push cart to target yesterday for a microwave, crock pot, toilet bowl cleaner, cleaning supplies, and socks and underwear. The target is in a mall and its two stories. They have a cart escalator! Not for push carts but shopping carts. It was a mad house!! The employees were not very nice. Non of the employees at that mall were nice to be honest. But target was incredible and my push cart was too small.

Once I finished getting only what was on the list, made by Boy and I, I looked at my push cart with dread. I had to get all the way back home with this over loaded push cart. Something to take into consideration, not every subway station has elevators or escalators. Atlantic Pacific has an elevator, which is broken. So I just stood at the top of the stairs staring down when a nice gentleman came by and asked if he could help me. I said, if you wouldn't mind terribly. Thank God!! Then once we got down I thanked him and he left. There was yet another set of stairs I needed to go down and this time I was attempting to do it myself. Then a woman and her young son came by and asked if I needed help. Again, if you wouldn't mind terribly... and they even helped me get the stuff through the emergency gate at the subway gates. When I finally made my train I was thrilled and tired.

I still had to get them up the stairs at my subway station and up to my apartment (boy was working). Ya know, I did it all one step at a time. Its easier to go up the stairs then down them. I wasn't frustrated, I was happy because there were so many helpful people in the city that is known for their rude people. I will tell you that has not been my experience at all. Everyone has been great, for the most part. Nicer than anywhere Ive ever lived. Incredible.

On Friday night I made Korma Curry Chicken and Indian rice along with some wheat pita bread. Boy was missing moms home cooking and though I know mine will never be as good as hers, I hope to give him a taste of it. He liked it and was surprised. I didn't tell him I was doing it. Be brought me the prettiest purple flowers.

Yesterday morning I video chatted with Beth and the kids! It was soooo good to see them all! I miss them sooo much it kills me. Honestly breaks my heart. I wish we could see each other. Thanksgiving has been canceled and I'm trying to book a plane ticket for December. Its impossible with this job to get any time off and would be easier for the next 3 months if people would come to me but if they cant I will try to get to them. I need to see them.

We paint next weekend. Stay tuned.

Off to Target, laundry, and the water today.. also the pharmacy.


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