Sunday, November 8, 2009

We rang in November...

And the weekend came and went again. On Friday night Boy and I enjoyed a quiet night in. It was nice. I had another breakdown on the train because I missed the kids and dad sent me some videos of them, that i got on the subway again. So I was a little somber at at home and we went to bed early because I worked till 8pm that night- we got home a little before 10. Long day.

Saturday we got so much done. I finally opened a bank account. I didn't have time during the week so luckily I found one that was open on the weekend and a great banker. While we were out that morning we took fuzzy to the vet. He has a urinary tract infection, poor guy. That visit cost us $240. Phew those vets will get ya! But when you love your baby you do what you have to do to help them.

Fuzzy did not like the subway or the venture into downtown Bay Ridge. He cried the entire time. We even took him into the bank with us. He was confused I think. Poor guy.

When we got home we found an amazing pizza place. It was seriously the BEST Pizza I have EVER had in my life! Vodka sauce. Fantastic! And then went grocery shopping.

We came home and took a nap and then got ready for Jesses birthday party. It was a lot of fun. Everyone was there. I brought the camera out per usual. Lots of crazy excited people there to help Jesse turn 25. Jonah got him a Snakebite and had one himself. Money was really really tight due to all the bills being due and the vet. But we are hoping next week for a little more breathing room.

On our way home from the party, around 12:30am, we ran into a friend who had a little too much to drink and was having a tough time making it home so 5 of us helped him home and Jonah and I stayed with him until he threw everything up and slept it off a bit. We left around 4:30am... and ...

we went to the subway station and it was just Jonah and I and another young guy. He was sleeping sitting up on a bench. Well eventually he laid on the ground and slept there and its illegal to do that. So the cops were called and they went to wake him up, to ticket him I'm sure, and turns out he was dead. He died waiting for the train. Pretty sad and surprising. One minute he was alive and the next he was gone. Kinda shook me up to be honest.

Sunday we slept for a long time and cleaned and did laundry. Not what had wanted to do but we needed to get stuff done and not be exhausted.

Somewhere during the weekend I twisted my ankle. Its discolored and hurts super bad. If I still had insurance I would run to the urgent care and have it looked at but I don't have the time or money right now. Maybe in two weeks. Ive been wrapping it with an ace bandage and taking IB prophen. I guess that's all I can do right now and try to stay off of it. Its hard because theres so much walking in the city. Hopefully it all just heals quickly.

I'm tired. I think I will try to take a nap on the couch and sneak peeks at Boy across the room.


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