Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'll be home for Christmas... if only in my Dreams

The soft glow that came from our cathdral ceillinged living room created such a serenity in me that you might guess I had actually died on was walking on cloud nine. This glow could be seen while coming down the stairs, walking through the living room, and certainly through the kitchen. I remember walking ever so slowly and quietly, even as a small child, to be sure not to wake Eddie. I wanted to enjoy every moment of this bliss. It wasnt the tree, that was 12 feet tall and lit perfectly with all the nostolgic ortiments from before we were born (thanks to Dad). It wasnt the presents under the tree, which were beautifully wrapped with holiday paper and ribbon (thanks to Mom). It wasnt the warmth of the house, the smell of home, or even comfort of having your family so near. It was the magic of it all. It was a feeling.

I would have ten to fifteen minutes before Eddie woke up and by that time I was ready for his company. I wanted to see his face when he came in, it was like enjoying those first moments all over again.

I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.

Merry CHRISTmas.
With all the love I have,

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Missed a week or so. A lot of fun has been had!

Last weekend is kind of a secret but I will tell you that it was exhausting and I got the best cuddles ever!

This weekend was pretty great.
I despise when someone tells you that they will perform a service and they don't follow through. Lets just say it was something that Jonah wanted done. We were ready and got there and they declined. I guess its for the best because they had never done it before and I'm not a fan of trial runs.

We went to an amazing Indian resturant. Yum yum!! I wanted to try some new stuff and plus Jonah has been ill for a while. He has had a low fever and has been so warm while sleeping that its actually uncomfortable to touch. I thought that, perhaps, a taste of home would be good for my Boy. It was soooo good. We'll be going back soon. Belly Dancer and all.

Santa stopped early. Jonah and I picked out bedding and waited for a sale. The sale happened and Santa pitched in to get it for us. It was our first big purchase together for our place. We love it! It looks so beautiful. We're really happy. Jonah wasn't real happy about the price but we work hard and deserve nice things.

Today, Sunday, we got so much done. Cleaned, put the tree up, decorated, baked cookies, cuddled. We even ventured out into the snow to go grocery shopping. Poor Jonah got a decent workout pushing our cart through the snow to get home.

We went and saw Everybody's Fine. What a good movie! It was very touching. I cant do movies with Dads. I get so emotional. Anything that has to do with a fathers relationship with his kids/ daughter or any movie that reminds me of my Dad has poor Jonah building an arch so that we can stay a float while watching. The floor gates open up and its o.v.e.r. Good Movie. Go see it.

Okay I guess I will post my pictures and work on Christmas cards.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Christmas in the City

This past weekend was pretty crazy. We went and saw Christmas in the city. Dad and Patti came to town to see the lights and Dad popped the question next to he giant Christmas tree. Very Romantic. Saw the Radio City Christmas show. Got hair did. It was a lot of fun. I will let the photos do the talking since Im too tired to type or think.

Why am I so tired?

Work. I've been waiting for work to slow down and it seems like its still gaining momentum. Ive been in the mailroom for the past two weeks and its exhausting. I love Mansi, the girl who works in the mailroom. But its been insane. I want to spend more time with Boy. Its not so possible these days. Im tired and being tired makes me infuriated.

Bed time.