Thursday, June 26, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

A time for love...

For this blog I will post some pictures that I haven't posted yet in the interest of save them off of my phone.

 Luke celebrates the big THREE!!
 Luke is wishing for toys and Mommy is wishing for patience!
 Eddie with Kayla, Landon, and Luke.
 Rich and Sir Costalot (Costa)
 Kayla and Landon go Pumpkin hunting
 All three pumpkinteers
 The beautiful Princess Kayla.
 Loving Landon with his giant pumpkin
 Corn maze with the boys
 Pumpkin on a stick
 Look at these three angels!
 My handsome Husband city livin'

There is a beautiful little girl that I have come to know and love. She has cancer. There is this great nonprofit organization that will paint shoes for children that struggle with cancer and other unfortunate diseases. These are the ones that I ordered for little Olivia. Peaches Neet Feet are great. Go Team Olivia!!

 I never get tired of water shots. I feel most at peace when watching the water.
I love how calm this one is. It looks like a painting.

Life in Siberia .. er I mean Chicago

I have moved right back into lake effect snow and I couldnt be more disgusted with myself about it. We absolutely adore Chicago in every condition that is not snowy. I could write an entire blog about how much I detest it. But instead I will tell you what we do to keep ourselves entertained...

Right now I am watching my husband pace back and forth and play his guitar, 90's songs tonight. He started with some Fuel and we just went from there. When he does this I always stop dead in my tracks. It always pulls at my heart strings and I am in awe of how lucky I am.

We watch a lot of movies. This weekend we downloaded some new movies. I wont share the names as I dont want us to get in trouble or judged for downloading movies but the two that we saw were pretty darn good. Even when we dont download them we have Netflix. We watched Guilt Trip on New Years and really enjoyed it.

 This has been an awfully stressful last few weeks for us. Not because of the holidays but because I came down with the flu on Christmas Eve and it lasted a little over a week. I was down for both Christmas and New Years. On Monday, the 30th, we said goodbye to our beautiful Muffy. She was a valued member of the Quiah family for 13 years and her loss was devastating.

Well, on to watching the snow fall more. Tomorrow, with the windchill, we will be drudging to work in -40 weather. Yes, you read that right. I am so disappointed that the expectation is for people to leave their homes in this weather. Not that our home is super warm and cozy- we have a radiator that we cant control. We have these big beautiful windows that are drafty. Thankfully, we have a heated blanket.

Okay, enough with the winter complaints. My next move will be warmer than this.