Monday, January 6, 2014

A time for love...

For this blog I will post some pictures that I haven't posted yet in the interest of save them off of my phone.

 Luke celebrates the big THREE!!
 Luke is wishing for toys and Mommy is wishing for patience!
 Eddie with Kayla, Landon, and Luke.
 Rich and Sir Costalot (Costa)
 Kayla and Landon go Pumpkin hunting
 All three pumpkinteers
 The beautiful Princess Kayla.
 Loving Landon with his giant pumpkin
 Corn maze with the boys
 Pumpkin on a stick
 Look at these three angels!
 My handsome Husband city livin'

There is a beautiful little girl that I have come to know and love. She has cancer. There is this great nonprofit organization that will paint shoes for children that struggle with cancer and other unfortunate diseases. These are the ones that I ordered for little Olivia. Peaches Neet Feet are great. Go Team Olivia!!

 I never get tired of water shots. I feel most at peace when watching the water.
I love how calm this one is. It looks like a painting.

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