Saturday, April 2, 2011


"Love like there's no tomorrow,and if tomorrow comes, love again." Max Lucado

As much as I love New York, DC has treated us(me especially) very well. For the first time in two years I am sleeping, eating healthy, and enjoying a lovely life. I find that I have more time for the important things again; long conversations with God, rediscovering Jonah, loving my pets, talking to friends and family. Im even getting back into scrap-booking and taking trivial classes at the local community center!

While living in New York I was going insane. Lack of sleep and job stress was making me crazy. I kind of liked the crazy but I also knew it was creating some horrible habits. I feel sane again, as sane as I can be. Its amazing how differently the world looks when you arent sleep deprived. My decision making process is completely different now. I was a basket case trying to hold on to what little pieces of personal time I had left. When those pieces were threatened I felt I was in a sink or swim situation. Giving up more would be losing more of me. If only some of those around me were a little more patient and practiced that 'ole unconditional love thing than things would be different, very different. Ultimatums have never been something I appreciated.

I now am looking at 6 months until the wedding and I have very little planned. I just didnt have time to plan my wedding, with even a year to spare. Now its crunch time and Im doing really well. Im not stressed or freaking out like I imagined I would be, Im really relaxed. Im happy to make these decisions now. My guest list is way too big and my ideal budget is way smaller than it should be, but it's okay. Im just thrilled to have this experience. Love.

Love is a blessing and its a miracle to find. The fact that my guest list is much bigger than I had planned is a blessing of love as well. There is that many people I love and care about as well. Love is ... expensive. haha.

Something that I am really excited about currently, a project that Jonah and I have decided to do together. A diet. Sounds boring at first BUT its actually a lot of fun. We follow all the rules together, cook together, shop for food together, and support one another. We even occasionally get to work out together. Eating is something that is required to live and can be a very mundane or over indulging task. But to have someone to not only support and track your progress with you but help you each step of the way is renewing. It has really made us a little closer I think. It's exciting. So far he's at 12 lbs and Im at 6 (and this is day 6) and we couldnt be happier. We both have our wedding goals and we have decided to stick with it till the end.

Tomorrow we will go visit the Cherry Blossom Festival. We were suppose to have our engagement pictures done during this festival but it didn't work out. So, we will have to find something else cool to do. We just moved and things are so crazy right now.

We love our new place so much! So easy to keep clean. Much bigger and newer. Love it. We urge everyone to come visit! We have a spare bedroom now!

Anyway, this is getting long. Just wanted to update anyone who wanted updated. I'm trying to keep my FB profile quiet. The obsession and need for that sort of entertainment has passed for me. I use it solely to keep updated on those I love. That and their blogs of course.

Hey some prayer requests Id like to throw out there; My brother Rich is in the hospital and has been for a while- heart problems, My brother Eddie and his career- there is this one job he wants and it couldnt be a better fit, and the Cassells baby in Africa- they are adopting have such an incredible journey behind and ahead of them. I have such faith that their invite will have their family of 4 plus the baby.

Anyway, Love. Love. Love!!!!


P.S. Im dying to post pictures of my wedding dress. I wont but I really want to!!!