Monday, October 24, 2011

Week one: " Hey Jonah, can you believe we're married?"

Now that Jonah has this new job we see each other less, as most of you know (I have been complaining about it for a while). We spend Sundays together and Saturday nights. This weekend I had wanted to celebrate Jonahs birthday, go to dinner and get him a new tattoo for his sleeve. Well we didn’t end up doing that this weekend.
Jonah wanted to go to a haunted house. He has never been to one before. The fun thing about my Husband is that he loves scary stuff but gets so darn scared he can barely take it. So he wants to do it but cant take it. He was a real hoot.

This particular haunted house was in Dulles, not too far from where we live. When we pull up we enjoyed the sounds of cracking whips and screaming. You could see the nervousness in his eyes. He tried to pull it off like he was cold. It was chilly but not that chilly! We had to wait for our living social deal to come through so it was more waiting and watching people run out of the house screaming. I enjoyed watching Jonahs mind race.

It was finally our turn and Jonah made me go first. He literally hid behind me. The first guy jumped out at us and yelled at Jonah, “Why did you put her in front”. Then that guy yelled to the rest of the guys in the house, “watch out boys, he’s using her as a shield”. Haha! It was fantastic. Jonah thought he would try to get in front again and then just couldn’t. Hilarious.

When we got out I jokingly said to him, “you’re my husband! You’re suppose to protect me”. He said, “Not from fake danger”. So there you have it folks! Fake danger does not warrant protection. Haha!

On Sunday we went to the mall and got mini massages and checked out our 10% of registries. I used the recycled program from MAC and turned in a few empty MAC containers and got a beautiful lipglass! Its bright pink! I adore it! Jonah also bought me a new pair of bright raspberry,sparkly flats. They are so pretty.
Did I mention that we cheated on our diet for the week after the wedding and now we are back on. We ate everything our heart desired and I was reminded why I enjoy our diet, I felt sick all week. So glad to have gotten that out of our system and looking forward to dieting again. I never thought I’d say that. We have made our new goals and are excited to reach them.

We are trying to decide on whether we will take a mini vacay on Thanksgiving weekend (my birthday weekend) or to do the family thing. It might be nice to get away since we are taking the delayed honeymoon. We’ll keep you posted. Also gotta work with our travel agent on the honeymoon plans. We are so excited about our European cruise. Amazing.

I turned my cell phone off when I got home on Friday and turned it back on this morning. Its been nice. I figured if it were an emergency than they would call Jonah. I have a sneaky suspicion that I have been thrown in to some drama, as always. Its funny, when Im not around to defend myself I get blamed for all kinds of things. No one approaches me, they all assume I have done it, said it, thought it. Ya know what, assume on! Im so tired of the constant defense. I have done it, said it, thought it, etc. Bah! I cant win and Im not going to try to win anymore. It was me.

Looking forward to this Halloween weekend. We have no idea what we will be or what party we will attend. We wanted to go to New York for Maryssas epic party. But since we are going to the big film screening the following weekend in New York we are going to skip out on this weekends party and find trouble here in DC. For those of you who haven’t heard, Ben made a short film with their production company, Wayward Revolution, and Jonah made the music for it. It has been accepted at a big film festival in New York so that’s the screening we are going to. We are so excited. Im so proud of Jonah and the boys. Lets hope it gets awesome reviews.

That’s all folks!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Eat, Drink, and be Married!

We did!

"What does it feel like?" That is the question I get most often. How do you answer such a funny question. We have lived together for a few years now. I guess its more secure. I already felt like we would be together but now there is nothing to worry about I guess. I couldnt tell you what I worried about before. I dont know. But now I feel like I worry less or perhaps Im just so relieved that the wedding craziness is over. I dont know. I feel at peace, like this was Gods plan all along.

So the details, you know I do this for my own memory sake!

First lets start with the big day and I will throw in hightlights of the rest at the end.

October 15, 2011: Officially Mr. and Mrs.
We woke up at the inn, the beautiful Wisteria room. The walls are lavander and the bedding is white. Very crisp. It was chilly and perfect. I rolled over and saw my best friend laying there and it seem hard to believe that this was the day that we had been waiting for. This day would be one of the biggest memories of our lives.

It's strange knowing ahead of time when something, an event or action will change your life. If you think about it, most times something changes your life you dont know until it happens. But now you wake up and its there, in the pit of your stomach. You tell yourself, remember every moment this is important. What you eat, who you speak to, time on the clock all matters today. It's eerie.

Jonah and I decided to stay together that night instead of apart. We put a lot of thought into this action. I finally decided that I couldn't imagine not waking up next to my best friend on the biggest day of our lives thus far. Boy am I glad we did because in the middle of the night I woke up with a very sore throat and I was chugging ice cold water. My brilliant other half said, "No, Dear. You need a hot cup of tea. That will sooth your throat". He was right. The hot tea did the trick so I could get back to sleep.

I jump out of bed and open the curtains to see if we have rain or shine. Shine. Beautiful blue skies. I can feel Gods smile, his warmth. So we hurry and get ready because there is a big group breakfast at my Moms cabin this morning and Jonah still needs to drive all the way to Richmond to get Brandons tux and I need to get my nails done.

We arrive at the cabins and so many smiles, so much love. We felt blessed to have everyone there. I grabbed my little sunshines, Kayla, Landon, and Luke, and we all ate with everyone. It was fantastic. Then off we flew in separate directions.

Lynda, Kelly, and Jake were awesome at finding a nail salon that actually wanted to help us. We had some difficulty but eventually found one and I got some awesome one on one time with Kelly. I got to squeeze in some girl talk in the car with Lynda. It was nice. Ive missed this. Jake was so calm. What a great guy.

We got back to my room and my Dad was waiting there. He had a present for me. He had refinished my childhood/teen mirror from my bedroom set. He wrote me a letter talking about how the mirror had been there to help me get ready every day of school, drum major, dates, prom, and wanted to help me get ready for my wedding day as well. It was so touching. Very meaningful. He had redone the wood work and matched it with my current bedroom set. Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Exactly what I needed from my Daddy.

I took a quick shower and Jake started my hair. Man did he do an awesome job. I loved it. While he was doing that people started to show up. Beth, Kayla, Aunt Annalisa, Ingrid, the photographer, but not my make up or my Mom. Poor Mom was at home trying to give the ring bearers, Landon and Luke, a nap and bathed for the big day. She was stuck. I refused to put the dress on without her. She was so panicked because she was scared that she would miss it. I would never let her miss that.

Jonah finally dropped off my makeup and I did that while I waited for Mom. I must admit I did an awesome job with my makeup but I left my MAC lipstick I bought for the day at home. I used some plum on my eyes and tried to hide the fact that my spray tan made me look like Snooky.

Mom showed up and looked gorgeous! Her dress was perfect. She rushed and we started to get ready, she and Kelly helped me get in the dress. Kelly was so calm and collected the whole time. That was great, we needed a calm person.

Once I got in the dress Eddie and the boys stopped in. They all three looked so handsome. Just perfect. Got to talk to Ed a little and then the photog had us girls go take our pictures out front. I ran into my asst on the from porch and she started to cry. It was still very calming, very nice. I had a million photographers out there taking pictures. Heather, Ingrid, Sammi, etc...

Ben, our best man, delivered my wedding gift from Jonah. It was a sweet bear dressed in a tux whose heart beats. Very cute. Beth, the maid on honor delivered my gift which was a leather bracelet with our wedding date on it.

My big brother Rich walked the Moms down the isle to be seated. Such a handsome usher. He had blue hair and shades on. Seemed fitting. I loved having him there. Meant the world to me that he made it against the odds.

It was time to line up for the big walk. We had the girls go down the isle to somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo╩╗ole. I came down to "The Light" by Sara Barellas. I walked down with my Dad and it was so nice, my shoes did get caught on the dress somehow but no one noticed. Jonah looked so handsome and nervous. He looked very timid.

In that moment I had to remind myself to pay close attention, this was big. I was looking around and smiling at everyone but I needed to pay attention to the beautiful man at the end of the isle and when I did I saw how completely handsome and breath taking he looked. Then I couldnt take my eyes off of him.

Preacher asked if I would take Noah to be my husband and I said No, but i'll take Jonah. Then he continued to call Jonah Noah the whole ceremony. Jonah corrected him and he still struggled. It was funny but a little disappointing. We exchanged our self written vows and rings and before we knew it we were married! It was sweet.

Photos, dancing, food, man the night flew by just like the day. But it was all beautiful. We enjoyed great friends and family members. We had the most amazing signature drink, Pumpkin Martinis. Everyone loved the food and drink. Uncle Jim was our rocking DJ.

We said goodnight to everyone and waited until everyone left before going upstairs.

*Such a beautiful rehearsal dinner. My Dad, Patti, and Jay really hooked us up. It was beautiful. There were white Christmas lights strung, the food was amazing, it was beautiful. Better than I imagined.

*We were late to our own rehearsal because we had to get the marriage license. They almost didnt give it to us because my DL was so faded. We also showed up in jeans and I looked like Snooky. Spray tan accident. Bad bad bad. Before dinner I showered and got it off of me. Got all dressed up.

*Mom and Terry were such big helps with the kids but more than that planning the entire event. It was thanks to them that I was so calm. They both took the burden for me.

*Lots of people RSVP'd but last minute a bunch of them couldnt come. They were missed. Thats the problem with having a wedding out of town, you should just assume that 1/3 of the ones that said yes wont be able to make it.

*Me, the family paparazzi, couldn't find batteries for my camera!! My biggest regret! I wish I had my camera! There are so many things I wanted to take pictures of and couldn't.

*Kaylas flower girl dress turned out pretty nice thanks to Jonahs mom. She fixed it up for us. Still wasnt $80 great though.

*I wish I had more time to spend with everyone one. There were family members I hadnt seen in YEARS. Aunt Beth I hadnt seen since I graduated high school! I would have liked to have spent more one on one time with my parents and Jonahs parents. You're so busy it just isnt possible.

When I remember more I will post. But thats it for now. I need to clean our house. Yuck. I had living like this. I will be hiring a maid. At least until our busy season is over. I leave at 7am and get home after 9. I dont have time to keep it up and I cant stand the mess.


Friday, October 7, 2011

At heart, still a little girl.

Marriage is tough and it begins with the wedding. I think it’s a test. If you can get to the big day without breaking up then you have earned your way into a marriage. My goodness this time has been trying. Last night we prayed together before bed and, aside thanking God for all the beautiful things he has blessed us with, we (tearfully) begged for a break. It’s exhausting. I, now, know why people take a honeymoon. Too bad that’s not in our stars. We knew by planning a wedding during my busy season my time off would be minimal.

Today I had a quiet moment. I was playing with my hair, just running my fingers through my hair. It felt so good, like when I was a little girl and my mom would play with my hair. It’s just so soothing. I missed the simplicity, being a little girl. As I was sitting there in a daze, playing with my hair, I realized that not a lot has changed. I am still a tough cookie on the outside but vulnerable inside, except now I feel like lace inside instead of jelly.

I still need my Moms opinion and reassurance. I still want my Dad to think Im the prettiest girl he’s ever seen. I still want a boy to know what color my eyes are and know all my favorite things. A boy who thinks Im pretty without makeup and in sweats. I want a little attention now and then. To be doted on for 10 minutes or so. I want to spin in a beautiful dress. I want to guess my future and believe it’s going to be exciting and bright. I feel like Im playing house.

Today I wore this outfit my Mom bought me and I feel so girlie and pretty in it. Just like a little girl. In tights, ruffles, lace. I think as I lose more weight I will do more of this. Become a little more vulnerable. Normally I am kind of frumpy. Maybe its time for me to be pretty.

I don’t remember dreaming about my wedding as a kid. I don’t think I ever played bride. There was a time when I was convinced I wouldn’t marry because I was afraid I would change my mind or I wouldn’t be a good wife because of my bouts of depression. I didn’t want to hurt anyone especially someone I loved enough to spend my life with. Walking away has always seemed easier then watching someone you love be destroyed and knowing you’re the blame.

Last weekend before the wedding. I have a very unrealistic to-do list especially since its all done via Metro and bus. Should be interesting. One of my friends from work and I are going to get our hairs did. Then we need to get Jonahs wedding band, grooms men gifts, shop for a new dress for the rehearsal dinner, get my make-up done and buy it so I can do it myself, work on the favors, work on the photographers list, work on the music list, work on the videographer list, pick up some of the girlie stuff… Just not enough time.

The flower girl dress better be at my door when I get home. So I order this beautiful dress in the beginning of August on It was a little pricey. It wll be custom made. Very cute. I was told I would get it in the middle to September. Its now October 7th. I told her it better be in my hands on October 7th and she said it would be… so I guess we will see. The scary thing is that I went to her etsy site and its empty now. She use to have pages of dress and now it looks like shes out of business.

Can I just say, its been the attire that has been the toughest and suckest thing this whole wedding. I cant seem to catch a break here. Easiest thing, baby tuxes. Those boys are angels! They knew they needed to be easy for Aunt Megan. Love them.
So, whats in Megans future after the wedding? Good question. Im going to pick a country we are visiting on our honeymoon and spend a month learning about them at night after work. I will be purchasing the rosetta stones and receipes, books,visiting museums on the weekends. I might even try taking Piano lessons on Saturdays. Finish the kids scrapbooks! Making a home with cool craft ideas. More time with my babies!

I wont miss the excitement of the wedding because I will have lots and lots to keep entertained. Let me just say that all of this will happen after I sleep for 48 hours straight and a spa day. That will be the mini vacay.

How ‘bout the boy wonder you ask? He just got a new job that he is absolutely fascinated with and is working his way to the top. He’s working long hours and weekends so that he can climb fast. He will make good money to save for his production company and a nest egg for us. He is doing really well over there and Im ridiculously proud of him, even though I miss him tons and tons. This is something that makes him feel really good about himself and they love him over there (not as much as I do).

I have included a picture of part of my staff and myself. They surprised me with a Bridal pot luck. Very sweet. Im the one in the crazy veil/glasses/ and umbrella. Enjoy. I certainly did. Great staff. I love the for their big hearts.

Monday, October 3, 2011

lessons learned

October has arrived. My favorite month is here and I have so much to look forward to now. The weather has chilled a little, my hoodies are waiting to be abused, and the leaves are starting to turn. I could not be more excited. Jonah loves October too. He likes the season and all the nostalgia it brings. Something about those brisk autumn nights brings out the creativity and romance in us all.

The bonfires, thick throw blankets, pumpkin spice everything. Ah Rocktober, how I love thee. Perfect for a sweater, some chucks, a snuggle, and hot apple cider. It is all love.

I think when God made Jonah for me he knew I would love him even more if his month of birth was my precious October. What a present I get every October until the end of my time, all of my favorite things all in one glorious month. My Grooms birth, my wedding anniversary, my October and its fixin’s. L.O.V.E.

Fifteen days. That’s what it has all come down to is fifteen days. Wow, what two weeks can do to someone. Its coming up fast now and Im ready. The last blog was a little sad I think. I had hit a rough patch. You know, in weddings, there can be more rough patches than you think.

There are people in your life and you may never know how much you mean to them. You may never know that the thought of you missing their wedding just boggles their mind. They cant even imagine you not being there and now that your not going to be there it is what they think of when their mind stops racing for a quiet moment.
There are things that people say, maybe with every intention of being funny, that make you so sad. You cant believe that they could say something so heartless and selfish even as a joke. I will remember to think before I speak, especially to those I love and to those who love me. I wonder if they could see the hurt in my eyes when they said those things or the breaking of my voice when I repeated what they said to make sure I misunderstood what they said. How about the look on my face when I realized I did hear them correctly.

Follow through. Don’t pretend to be dependable if you aren’t. I will not over extend myself when I know that its someone elses dreams at stake. Don’t make commitments you cant follow through on, even something small. You never know what that commitment will mean to someone or how offended they will be when you don’t do it.
I will never let anyone get in the way of me enjoying the people I love and seeing them the happiest they will ever be. No one will keep me from attending all the big beautiful things in life, like watching two people that I love celebrate their love in front of God and the world.

You can get through anything with enough sleep. When I was sleep deprived I have made some really dumb decisions and also lacked the patience that I require to handle the world. No amount of caffeine is equivalent to one good 8 hour night of sleep. Sleep is a cure all.

Though you may have someone on your top 10 priority list does not mean you are on theirs, and vice versa.

What if you woke up today with only what you thanked God for yesterday. Don’t forget to thank God daily. If it weren’t for God then I know for a fact I wouldn’t be here.
If it’s not about you don’t make it about you. There are just some things that you can’t be selfish about. Save the drama for yo’ Mama, not my Mama, Yo’ Mama! Look, drama is not my thing. The wedding is no exception. Some people love it, and that’s cool. Not me. I wont push my drama on others.

Lessons I have learned. There will be more before this whole thing is said and done but Im so thankful for these lessons. I feel so blessed that I have been able to take so much away from this experience. I will be better because of every piece of this celebration of love. From the drama to the unexpected blessings.

Im so happy and so in love. Someone once said that now that you are dating Jonah I have no idea who you are anymore. You’re not as cynical or sarcastic anymore. She said it because she was hurt but it was one of the best compliments ever. I was really depressed and unhappy and then I fell in love. I found someone that I could tell anything to and he would love me no matter what. I am so incredibly lucky to have found him and now to be marrying him.