Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roller Coaster Week

Week 3 and I already have a list of the good and bad times. Gessh! Like New York, DC is not for the weak.

Tonight you will find me curled up to a bag of tostitos, south west dip, and Star Wars I. I also have the lava lamp running.

Earlier this week Ed found out some fantastic news, he was interviewed for Verizon and got the job. Now he's just waiting on all the rest of it to go through. Best part is that its really close to us. More time with them makes my heart race. Its literally some of the best news Ive heard in a long while. Im so proud of him and thrilled for Beth and the kids.

Monday I had some crazy stomach pain. Since I had just gone to the doctor in my area last week I thought I would call them and see if they could help. The pain was so bad for a stint that I couldnt walk or cough. It scared me. I left a message and no answer.

Tuesday I get a call from them about my blood tests. Apparently I am very deficient in vitamin D and they called in a script for that and then the nurse tells me that my liver function is very elevated and I need to go to the hospital. So I panic and I tell her about the stomach pain and she says that I probably have gallstones and my gall bladder could explode and I need to go to the hospital. I asked if I could wait till after work or if it was that urgent. She said it could wait but I needed to go "today".

Jonah, Dad, and Mom call convince me to leave work and go. Jonah picks me up and Dad meets me at Urgent Care- Mom is on standby ready to show up as soon as I ask. I call the office back and ask what to do and the other nurse I talk to looks at the results and hears about the paint and doesnt seem to think its an emergency. Says that the levels arent too bad and the pain Im explaining isnt in the right place for gallstones. I start to get annoyed.

I go to the ER and explain it all and they do their own tests. Im there from 4:30-8:30pm. They take all new blood tests and a CT scan to see if its my appendix, since thats where the pain is located. Turns out that my levels are BARELY concerning. Still in slight pain so they do the CT scan and find...

An ovarian cyst. No exploding organs. Nothing but a cyst.

I could scream at the first nurse! She made me think I had a bomb in my body. Told me the whole deal about it being a danger that could explode in my body and poison me. That I could die from that. BAHHHHH! What in the world is the point of scaring someone to death! If it wasn't the bomb it was heart attack from her that would kill me.

The picture above is from the IV.

What a week.


By the way, Jonah is doing really well. His wrestling column is getting a lot of attention. Im so proud of him. Poor guy was pretty upset about yesterday.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

We are DC-ers now. Its been a week and a day since we left Brooklyn and came to DC. It has been quite a week. New life in new apartment, new office, new people, new city, new new new...

Highlights of this week:
- Got out every night at 7pm
- Out apartment is so big we dont use a solid half of it.
- Got my hair done and it looks beautiful, even if I did have to cut a lot off.
- I met Jonahs grandparents on his Moms side and we had a wonderful time. Very sweet.

Low points of the week:
- Was late to work 2 days of 5
- Fender bender- all is fine.
- Car was towed first night in our apartment.

Jonah and I have seen each other way more and we still like each other! We even went to the gym together tonight.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

The move heard 'round the world

Before I moved to New York I really felt pretty badly about myself. I felt that I was a failure on every spectrum and really didnt deserve much from life. As you can imagine that isnt the most positive way to approach life. After moving to New York and taking my current job, things started to look up.

I found that I was pretty good at the job I had taken. I didn't expect to be but apparently you just have to be a hard worker and enjoy chaos. Hard working came natural since it was in my blood and the chaos part I rocked in from years of practice. Eventually I worked my way up the ladder and my attitude began to change.

Moving to New York and surviving was a huge acomplishment. I had my doubts when moving but it was something that i HAD to do. I had always wanted to live in NYC and I knew I would regret not going. Amazingly enough, I made it... we made it.

Jonah. Im going to admit that at first this was tough. I was coming from being single for 6 years. I had never lived with a boyfriend before. I never had to share EVERYTHING. I enjoyed keeping to myself. I enjoyed making decisions on my own without consulting with anyone and if it was a bad one...who cares! It was just me.

The first few months were trying. I wasnt sure what was going on. I knew I loved him but didnt know how we would make it work. But eventually it just did. I made a decision to make it work. It was a light switch. As soon as I made the decision everything was better. Honestly, it was pretty instant.

We made it. We were a part of it, a big part!

We did so well that now we're moving to Washington, DC. As far as work goes, I was promoted again. Now I get to be the Manager in DC. Im so stoked. We have a great apartment there. Two bedrooms, 1.5 baths. A gym, a pool, parking... etc!!! Jonah and I wanted to move to better our relationship. We're getting married and we want to have a settled life. He's going to aim for the news industry. Im so proud of him.

There are so many amazing and positive things going on in our lives and I really believe that keeping positive vibes around you and praying... A LOT goes a long way. Without God and positivity I know where I would be... in a shot glass- constantly.

We will keep this updated as we make our new move. We had two weeks to do it! So watch as we laugh and cry or go just plain nuts! Send chocolate! (Maybe this time we will post videos)


PS the photos are from the craigslist add of our new place.