Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lots to look forward to until...

Busy Season starts in September and ends in February. These are months in which we will be unable to ask for time off of work. Until that time we have planned a few things that we hoping the memories hold us over until February.

On the books we have Christmas in July. This was to be held in Erie and we are (were) really looking forward to it. We barely get to see our families and this would be a nice, one day adventure. That's right, I wouldn't be able to take time off for it. Our manager is taking her vacation that week so we were planning on flying in on Saturday and flying out on Sunday. But Jonah has never been to Erie before and I was really looking forward to showing him where I grew up. Not sure if its still on but we are crossing our fingers. This is this coming weekend.

The we have a visit from Mandy. She is coming back to the states to become legal while in Spain, she needs a visa. She is planning on staying with us for a week. We are excited. Jonah has never met Mandy before. We are concerned because she is allergic to cats and we have 3 with LOTS OF HAIR. By the time all is said and done she might be staying in a hostel. Also we work all. the. time!! We'll never see her. Shes promised that shes great at keeping herself entertained.

Jonah and I have gathered up whatever vacation time we have accumulated and we will attempt to use it mid august. He and I need some time away just for us. We need out of the city and some time to pamper our romance. I think in all we will have 2-3 days off of work and use a weekend. We haven't made plans yet because we don't know exactly how much time I have. But that is something we are hoping to use to build and strengthen our relationship before busy season were we hardly see each other and we are over worked and exhausted.

Anyone know where we can find seeds to plant a money tree? We're apartment hunting and all the beautiful ones near midtown are expensive.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

No, we were not kidnapped.

Wow are you busy when you have to be an adult. Blogging is something I thought of often but I barely have time these days to spend time cuddling with my Love.

Let play quick catch up. May was nice but stress from work gets the best of Jonah and I and then it affects our home life into June. June was tough. I got a promotion to team lead and it not only brought along a raise but more hours. It seems that busy season hours began for me without it being busy season. The life lesson here is that adjustent is the name of the game.

May and June went by so fast. Here are some photos. Pictures tell a thousand stories. Hopefully this does it...

*Couldnt get the rest to load... will load more tomorrow...