Sunday, August 21, 2011

Once upon a time at Kleinfelds...

Once upon a time...

Kleinfeld Bridal called August 12 and said that the dress was in! The earliest weekend fitting date they said they could do was September 17th. As you know the wedding is October 15 so that would be cutting it too closely for my comfort. Luckily they had a cancellation for August 19 and I had taken the time off of work for some other wedding stuff. Everything happens for a reason.

My appointment was at 10am in NYC on August 19th. Mom came into town to go to the fitting with me on Wednesday. I was suppose to go get my hair done on Thursday night, dyed and prepped. We were ready to get out at 6:15pm and of course something went down and I had to stay till 7 and missed the appointment. That just sent me over the edge. I was so disappointment. I havent been able to get my hair colored in sooooo long and the color that it is now, I hate. I feel so unattractive. So getting it colored before the dress fitting meant so much to me. I went home on Thursday night feeling like a total brat because of how disappointed I was.

We had to leave at 4am on Friday to get there on time. We were all exhausted. It was a longer drive then I anticipated. We got there with about 30 minutes to spare. It was perfect. Jonah did a great job getting us to the city safely.

I went in with Mom to try on the dress and Jonah went to Union Square to hang out and wait for us. We got this fantastic seamstress, Anna. She was so sweet. As soon as she came in to the little waiting room with the dress I knew it was mine. It was like I could feel that it was my dress she was holding. What happens is all the seamstresses come out with the dress, call your name, and you go with them to their room. As soon as she entered I knew.

We went in to her room and I got to see my dress again and I was so excited to see "her". Yes, I just gave the dress a sex. Anyway, it was perfect. I tried it on and it was way too big. Mom could stick her entire arm down the back of my dress. It was a great feeling. I still have a lot of work to do but I was pleased thus far.

As soon as Mom saw me in the dress she started to cry. It was really sweet. It meant a lot. I knew that it looked amazing when she was so touched. Anna had to take it in a lot and as she was hemming it up at the bottom I started to feel a little weird. My feet were hurting and then I started sweating profusely. It was horrible. I didnt know where it was coming from. Yes, the dress is heavy and the lights were warm but it wasnt that bad. Then Anna asked me to take a few steps back and all of the sudden I started to feel dizzy. I had to take a seat.

As I was sitting there Mom had a panicked look on her face, apparently I lost all color, like I had a whole lot to begin with! I was going to pass out, the voices were getting tiny. Then I imagined passing out and vomiting or other bodily functions happening in this beautiful dress! That was enough to keep me there. I realized that in all the excitement I completely forgot to eat the breakfast I bought on the way. So Mom ran to get me a snack and Anna grabbed me a cup of water.

It took Mom about 5 minutes to grab the snack and by the time she came back I was out of the dress. As soon as I was well enough to stand Anna took me out of the dress and ended the session. I think she was nervous that I would pass out on her watch. I dont blame her. So we reschedule the rest of it for September 17 and the end of the day. I guess I wont forget to eat if its at 4:30pm.

So that was the first fitting experience!! I will attach a sneak peak...


Sunday, August 7, 2011

69 days to go!!

Sixty nine days until I marry my very best friend. SIXTY NINE DAYS!!! That number evokes such joy..and PANIC! Is everything in order? Could I be missing something?

The things that are still up in the air;

Not all of the bridesmaids have ordered their dresses. It takes 2 months for the dresses to come in. On the 15th we will be at 2 months! We have 2 girls left to get their dress and one has dropped out because she couldn't get it in time.

Flowers for the bridesmaids. Mom is working on them. Im not too worried since Mom is on top of it but Im anxious to see how they turn out.

The cake. The wedding planner has yet to send me the pictures of what they can do.

The dress hasnt come in yet. Its not late but Im super excited to see it again and try it on. Ive lost a little over 30 lbs so far so I want to see how it fits and what I look like in it now. The first time I tried it on it was just a sample. So it didnt fit perfectly and now I just want to see it. I hope I still love it.

Expenses. Thank God we have help! But we still have quite a few expenses that we are budgeting out.

Does my registry look ridiculous? I have never done it before and it seems like there is a million things on there. We went by what all the wedding expects suggest! I hope people don't think we're greedy.

We have the showers coming up. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Do I get a makeup artist? I think so. I need to look into it and see how much it will be.

Okay so enough wedding stuff. Now for an update.

Our apartment is really coming together. I have been yearning for a home. Its starting to look like that.

We are going to a concert this weekend. I wont meet and greet tickets for My Chemical Romance and Blink 182. I won them for Eddie and Beth. For Eddies birthday. Im so excited for them. Eddie has been such a fantastic brother and friend and I wanted something so nice for him! To actually "chill" with his idol. I am so happy that Beth is going to have this experience with him. She is such a great Mom to the kids and I want her to have something exciting and fun. Something really special. They mean a lot to me and deserve it. I made them promise to get something signed for me by My Chem and Blink for our rockstar room and LOTS of pics. It makes me so happy that I am able to give them this present.

Can I just take a moment to say that I am so in love. Jonah makes me want to soar! I am such a blessed and lucky girl. So so happy.

Off to pick up my ring! Its in!!