Sunday, March 13, 2011

We are DC-ers now. Its been a week and a day since we left Brooklyn and came to DC. It has been quite a week. New life in new apartment, new office, new people, new city, new new new...

Highlights of this week:
- Got out every night at 7pm
- Out apartment is so big we dont use a solid half of it.
- Got my hair done and it looks beautiful, even if I did have to cut a lot off.
- I met Jonahs grandparents on his Moms side and we had a wonderful time. Very sweet.

Low points of the week:
- Was late to work 2 days of 5
- Fender bender- all is fine.
- Car was towed first night in our apartment.

Jonah and I have seen each other way more and we still like each other! We even went to the gym together tonight.


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