Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roller Coaster Week

Week 3 and I already have a list of the good and bad times. Gessh! Like New York, DC is not for the weak.

Tonight you will find me curled up to a bag of tostitos, south west dip, and Star Wars I. I also have the lava lamp running.

Earlier this week Ed found out some fantastic news, he was interviewed for Verizon and got the job. Now he's just waiting on all the rest of it to go through. Best part is that its really close to us. More time with them makes my heart race. Its literally some of the best news Ive heard in a long while. Im so proud of him and thrilled for Beth and the kids.

Monday I had some crazy stomach pain. Since I had just gone to the doctor in my area last week I thought I would call them and see if they could help. The pain was so bad for a stint that I couldnt walk or cough. It scared me. I left a message and no answer.

Tuesday I get a call from them about my blood tests. Apparently I am very deficient in vitamin D and they called in a script for that and then the nurse tells me that my liver function is very elevated and I need to go to the hospital. So I panic and I tell her about the stomach pain and she says that I probably have gallstones and my gall bladder could explode and I need to go to the hospital. I asked if I could wait till after work or if it was that urgent. She said it could wait but I needed to go "today".

Jonah, Dad, and Mom call convince me to leave work and go. Jonah picks me up and Dad meets me at Urgent Care- Mom is on standby ready to show up as soon as I ask. I call the office back and ask what to do and the other nurse I talk to looks at the results and hears about the paint and doesnt seem to think its an emergency. Says that the levels arent too bad and the pain Im explaining isnt in the right place for gallstones. I start to get annoyed.

I go to the ER and explain it all and they do their own tests. Im there from 4:30-8:30pm. They take all new blood tests and a CT scan to see if its my appendix, since thats where the pain is located. Turns out that my levels are BARELY concerning. Still in slight pain so they do the CT scan and find...

An ovarian cyst. No exploding organs. Nothing but a cyst.

I could scream at the first nurse! She made me think I had a bomb in my body. Told me the whole deal about it being a danger that could explode in my body and poison me. That I could die from that. BAHHHHH! What in the world is the point of scaring someone to death! If it wasn't the bomb it was heart attack from her that would kill me.

The picture above is from the IV.

What a week.


By the way, Jonah is doing really well. His wrestling column is getting a lot of attention. Im so proud of him. Poor guy was pretty upset about yesterday.


  1. Yikes Megan! That's a HUGE bruise!! But I am SO glad it was all a false alarm... much better than real gallstones!

    Praying for y'all as you get settled in in DC! :) Miss you!

  2. oh my gosh Megan that is crazy...I am so sorry but so glad you are okay your blog scared me! i love you! like LOVE YOU so much! that bruise is konw last year my mom made me go to the ER because they were saying since I got hit in the head by a line drive the day before I could have a concussion and I could die in my sleep or something I was like I feel fine but I went becuase Mr. Jake and my mom really insisted. I get there and the doctor acts like I am a moron he was like "a ball dropped over the fence and hit you?" I was like no it was aline drive he was like right do you konw what a line drive is? I wasl ike well i did play fast pitch softball in college at a division one school so I probably have an idea of what a line drive is...I was so mad...i ended up being fine my nurse was high as a kite and kept telling me that its good i was getting checked out because it would totaly suck to die in my sleep man...yeah dooood it totally would..but it also sucks for your doctor to treat me like a moron haha anyway, my bill was over 800 dollars and i was perfectly fine...I am so glad you don't have a bomb inside of you youre much to pretty inside and otu for all that. :) I LOVE YOU!