Monday, November 2, 2009

Gotta be the full moon...

Maybe it was the full moon or the Indian Holiday but today was perfect.

I woke up for the first time in almost a month, well rested. Went to work and had to deal with the phones. Now, the phones are NOT my favorite but anytime I can get better at my new job, great! I had a yummy lunch with some interesting company. Then we got out e.a.r.l.y!!!

I got to go home at 5pm, kids!! It was amazing! The train was great! I got a seat on every train and I got to actually read the entire ride home while I ate my orange, yes on the subway!!

Then I got home at 6:15!!!!! It was fantastic!! I cleaned the house and made turkey meat loaf and green beans while I awaited boys arrival home. It was great. The house was incredibly warm but it smelled delishhh!

Then after dinner Uncle Ben stopped over for Jon(ah)s raw party (wrestling). Our first house guest! Pretty exciting,folks! We gave him a spare key. Yay!

The one big downfall... Fuzzy is not feeling well and we need to get him to the vet... so I guess we will take him in. I was kinda hoping he was just stressed out, cats are sooo sensitive but it seems he hasn't gotten over it. So on Friday/ Saturday Fuzzy and Mommy will be visiting a new vet together! Poor boy! I hate that we have to wait till the end of the week but I haven't been paid yet and we cant afford to take him till I do.

Alright, bed time for me. I'll leave these boys to their wrestling and racist clips on the inter web!

I hope I get to see the kids sooooon! I miss them so much!

Hey! Thanksgiving our place!!! Ohhhh yeaaah!


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