Thursday, November 26, 2009


Dear Super,
Next time you are drunk and belligerent and decide yelling at Jonah and I, and being direspectful is a how you want to handle your german sheppard barking at my cat I hope you think twice. Next time you will be put in your place. Threaten me one more time. The world, as you know it, will be completely different and you will be moving to Flordia a lot quicker than you origially thought. You may think that Im some young dumb kid but, trust me, you dont want to find out otherwise.

My super, the one we thought was so cool, has turned out to be a jerk. He has this huge german sheppard that barks all day long and now he has finally found an excuse to tell the tenants when they call, our cats. So tonight he was drunk and approched us as we were coming home and immediately started yelling at us. He says his dog went off about Soxy being in the window. He was talking down to me, as if I were a dumb young girl. Most of the time I would blow of the yelling but when he talked down to me I was all done. Do not be rude and disrespectful! Im not rude to you when your dog barks and my cats are nowhere near the window but I can be. Then he said that he will crawl up our fire escape and destroy our cats and doesnt care if he goes to jail. Now Im all hyped up.

I'll blog about my birthday and thanksgiving tomorrow. I need to help boy get to sleep. He has to work at 5am. Poor guy!


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