Sunday, November 22, 2009

To The Village, Birthday Boy!

This weekend was pretty exciting! We had plenty to do. We usually wait for Saturday to come along before starting the weekend or have a quiet date night on Fridays but this weekend we went out for drinks with my coworker for her birthday. It was very enjoyable. But Saturday was full of magic.

On Saturday boy had to work till 8pm. But we had plans to finally celebrate his birthday! My gift to him, his first tattoo. But until 8 I had my own to do list. First stop, the grocery store. Its thanksgiving week and the grocery store is already tiny. I wanted to be able to have some small, cute dinner. Its just going to be Jon(ah), Terry, and I. When in the very packed grocery store they were playing all Christmas music and everything was good. I was getting in the Christmas spirit until "I'll be home for Christmas" came on. I lost it. The "R train weeper" hits the Foodmart! No autographs please. Sheesh! But I figured out what my problem is, besides the obvious. Ever since I started this new job i havent had insurance, making my anti-depressants an arm and leg to pay for. I believe the sensitivity is due to my lack of meds and the emotional situation also known as the Holiday's. Ive decide to make sure to invest in those. They are important.

Then I went to get my haircut and my goodness...amazing! It was $18 and they washed, cut and styled my hair. The shampoo was absolutely incredible. It was a massage. Lovely time there. I was in and out in 45 mins. Record time. I hated not being able to go to Amy but I dont know when I can get home. Its not lookin promising till February.

And on to the exciting part... Boys Birthday celebration!! We went to the village o get the ink. Boy was pretty excited and nervous. He had an artist named Israel. Very cool guy. The pictures will say more than i can about this. I will be posting them. Boys with ink are hoootttttt. :) Especially mine!

And today is Sunday. We love sundays. Today Boy went and got his hair done at the same place and agreed that they are amazing. Then we ran some errands and went to see 2012. jon(ah) was in heaven because of the comic book store right next door to the movies. I had prepared a crockpot meal (Roasted Red Pepper chicken with potatoes and fresh rolls) that we came home to. Very good day.

We are waiting for the super... Im so tired.


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