Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sometimes its not rainbows and stardust...

Took two hours to park the car tonight.
I got off the subway and immediately found the car so that I could move it from its "No Parking on Thursday" spot so that Boy wouldn't have to get up early on his day off to move it. Turns out my relaxing night to myself turned into moving the car...into yet another "No Parking on Thursday" spot. He's going to have to move it himself now. I tried. He's out with friends tonight and I thought I would do something nice... oh well. That back fired on me. Now its even further from the apartment in an area that Im not so sure I wont get a ticket in.

By the time I got home my headache was even worse. All day today at work I had this at home fantasy about how the night would play out and pretty immediately it was evident that it was not going to go as planned. Oh well.

I guess its fair to say that Im pretty grumpy right now. Im tired, hungry, and kinda lonely. Making dinner seems like too much of an effort for the mood Im in right now. Plus the kitchen/apt is a mess and I hate that. So I think its about bedtime.

I love the city but I miss home.

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