Monday, May 9, 2011

66 is HOV in the morning... ???

I was thinking about this blog when I was sitting in the impound lot. How would I start it. Don't we think in blog from time to time?

So as I'm getting on the highway Im thinking, "Today is bound to be a better day because yesterday (Thursday) was a nightmare". I go ahead and click on the cruise control and start my journey to work knowing that I will be early because I left nice and early.

I get to Falls Church and this Trooper gets behind me with his lights on. I keep going thinking it cant be me. Im going the exact speed limit. Im wearing my seat belt. I keep watching him as he follows me from lane to lane. Then finally waves me over with his arm.

I pull over and ask immediately, Why did you pull me over? He said that he would discuss it after he saw my license and registration. Then proceeded to tell me that 66 is all HOV from 6-9am every morning and again in the evening. Wow. Didn't know that at all.

Then he ran my license and said that I had an unpaid ticket from 2006 and that they would need to tow my car unless someone could come get it. Of course both my phones are dead. So off we go to the impound lot. How in the world do I dispute a ticket from 2006? I have no idea.

So what a day we had on Friday!

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