Sunday, November 13, 2011

They're sick and our hearts are breaking

There is no gift more precious than a baby. We had three this weekend. However when they are sick its hard to really enjoy the incredible moments.

At first it was just the boys with their ear infections. Ear infections are very common in our family. When Eddie and I were kids we consistently got them after our colds. Even today I get them and have no idea I have them. I sometimes will go in for a physical and when they look in my ears, after making the usual comment about all the scar tissue, they will tell me that I have one and does it hurt. Sometimes I have no idea. However the really bad ones, well let’s just say those are the days I beg God to take me early.

The tough part is babies cant communicate the pain like kids can. Kayla coughed and told me it hurts when she coughs. Okay, shes sick and now I know what to do to help her. The boys, well they are too little to tell me and obviously they are holding their ears because they are infected. But its tough with sick babies.

Kayla woke up last night crying and crying. When I picked her up to cuddle her, I thought she had a bad dream, she was hot to the touch. Kayla was not warm but hot. Even her little piggies (toes) were hot. We took her tempature and she was running 102.2. Ouch. Its 3am and we have one sick little princess on our hands. So Uncle Jonah ran to the 24 hour pharmacy on the corner, thank God, and got her some Pedia Care. They were out of baby Tylenol. Seriously? OUT??? Anyway, it worked. I cuddled her to sleep and held her tight as she slept it off.

The boys had fevers throughout the day but they had prescribed meds for their infections. They wanted to be cuddled and loved the entire time, which I loved. But my heart broke for the little guys. They just weren’t feelin’ it. We should have had them stay home this weekend. They should have been resting. I guess we all didn’t know they would get worse this weekend. Lesson learned. It felt nice to love them when they were sick and it hurt too. Im exhausted and my head did not stop pounding.

Jonah quit his job. Turns out it was a form of pyramid scheme. Why can’t people be more honest? Why can’t they just come clean and say hey this is what it is, if you wanna be a part of it let me know, if not there’s the door. At that time, before wasting all of his time and not getting paid for it he could have made his grand exit. So, back to the drawing board for my artist. We are really hoping he will find something in his field, broadcast, film, writing,music, entertainment. What a tough field, eh?

Overall a rewarding and exhausting weekend. No sure how Beth, Ed, and Daddy-O do it. Hard job to love so much and run after them. Miss them already and praying that they will get better before Thanksgiving when we see them again.
p.s. So, you know how Jonahs middle name is Scissors? Maybe I should change mine to “Rock” that way I can win every argument by default. Your thoughts? I can do it Friday when I go get my name legally changed. Haha (It’s a joke… unless we are arguing that day and then it will happen)

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