Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nightly night caps

I remember when I started college (wow, 11 years ago!?) and I was sitting in psychology class when my teacher, whose voice was entirely too therapeutic, asked ‘what’s the difference between someone who binge drinks every weekend to the point they black out and someone who insists they need a drink nightly to unwind from their stressful job?’. Well looking back perhaps she was being ironic. Generally, you start with the one and move on to the next. Which stage of life are you in? Night caps. Ah.
Yes, I am in night caps. Im not as conflicted as I was when sitting in that class. When I thought about the two I felt most bad for the person who needed the nightly drink because their job was so stressful. I thought how could that be? What kind of stress is that and what do you mean “unwind?” Well I certainly wouldn’t say that I “need” a drink nightly. But my job is very draining and I find myself laying in bed at night trying to find ways to increase morale- hell, “Morale” was my password at work for a while so that I wouldn’t forget the goal.

Its easy to sell a start up company to kids. You say things like, “they are open to new ideas and really listen to their people,” and “ You’re paving the way to something great!”. Sadly, young people and their lack of worldly beatings and the their beautiful dreams are easy to manipulate. Its not the goal it just turns out young people are the only ones crazy enough to take on this insane task for the amount of money I can pay. But, you get what you pay for.
A glass of wine does wonders for MY morale. I enjoy being able to sit back with my groom and sip a glass wine. We always make a toast and then I just get comfortable as our bedtime approaches. I stop thinking about the insulting things that have been said to me at work, or all the reports that aren’t as clean as I’d like, or how to approach an employee who needs discipline. I just enjoy my surroundings. On the weekends its not an issue.
Now is the time for me to endure the stress and night caps life. Focusing on career is normal for this period of my life. Or maybe Im just justifying my love for my night caps.
Let me just add, Ive had quite a night cap already...

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