Monday, January 18, 2010

Care for an update?

Life has been a whorl wind so the updates have been late. Weekends are usually for adventures and as of late they have been the same adventures because we have gotten comfortable. Movies. We see a lot of movies as of late. We love to go to the movies and sometimes I even stay awake for them!

Ive been so tired as of late. Really run down. Let this be a lesson, Kids, if you don't take care of yourself then you will start to fall apart. I could sleep anywhere and poor Jonah is so sweet about it. I slept through Avatar 3-D, Sherlock Holmes, 2012, and more. i cant even remember all the movies Ive slept through as of late. I've also started to feel a little icky. I miss the family and I'm tired of not having any time with Jonah. I'm tired of not being able to clean my house or make dinner. I avoid my kitchen at all costs these days. I use to love to live in the kitchen. It's just been frustrating. This is not what I imagined.

My knight in shining armor has been amazing. I'm so crazy about my Jonah. We just celebrated our one year anniversary and it was fantastic. We decided no gifts and maybe we would start a vacation fund- we haven't yet. {We still need to celebrate Christmas with our families. Gotta save that money.} Our anniversary was sweet. We went to Union Square in Manhattan and went to this amazing Barnes and Nobel to kiss in the travel section- that's where we had our first kiss. Poor Jonah was sick sick sick. But we still went to eat and we watched Book of Eli. It was a very sweet anniversary.

That clock that is ticking loudly would be that darn biological one. Wow, I thought women were kiddin when they made the baby comments. Jonah and I have a plan and we are staying on course! But if someone dropped off a baby on my doorstep I would be the most maternal thing ever! We would be in trouble! I need to see my babies in Virginia. Get my baby fix. I hear a baby cry in the office and I am completely distracted... need... a...!!!!

Lets pray for my headache to disappear forever...

Well here are some photos from our anniversary.


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  1. haha jake keeps talking about my biological clock is ticking :) haha it is...that wasn't a joke you are correct. I am volunteering in the nursery at church to get my baby fix :) haha i miss you so much and I am sooooo happy for you and jonah...i just wish I lived closer...maybe one day ;) I need to see you! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3