Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Holiday

We have been so blessed and have had such a nice holiday. Christmas was very quiet. It was just the two of us. Santa was very good to us. We reconnected with family. It was nice. We received some sad news that the Mom of a friend of our died. It really made the mood a little somber at our home. Life is so short and we shouldn't take any moment for granted. All and all it was a little lonely. We missed our families. But it was a good first Christmas together.

We also had a relaxing NYE. We went to a Thai restaurant called Spice near NYU. Candle light and all. Then we took the train to Central Park to watch the fireworks. We wanted to stop at a bar for the countdown, CHEERS! We watched the ball drop from THE BEST DIVE IN NYC (there was an actual award). Then headed over, in the rain, to central park while making our phone calls. Then took some pictures and headed back to Brooklyn. Home, Sweet, Home. Great, considering we've been working a lot.

Hopefully work will be slowing down for both of us. As long as we're both steady at 40 hours a week we'll be thrilled. It will be nice to spend more time together. All the working as been hard. We're ready for the home life. Hanging around and enjoying time together. Checking out new things.

Our anniversary is next month and I think we decided that we would get each other a cruise ticket. How excited are we!?!?! We are going to a travel agent this week or next and going to put a down payment on the trip and make our payments. I hope we get a good deal. We could use some time away, even though this time in NYC has been dream-like.

It really wasn't the same without our families but I guess life changes and its important to leave some wiggle room.

Lots of Love!!

P.S. We havent sent out of Christmas cards or gifts yet!! The poor post office is gunna have their hands full when we get over there!! It will be nice to get these out of our hair and into YOURS! ; )

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