Monday, March 15, 2010

When it rains it pours

This weekend was fantastic! We spent the entire weekend enjoying the rain, the couch, and a clean home.

There is nothing better than staying home on a rainy day and watching movies on the couch with the one ya love. We spent the entire day watching TBS movies and cuddling. Very relaxing, something we dont know much about.

Then we did the spring cleaning on Sunday! It was fantastic! It didn't take too long but it was way overdue. The whole house smelled of bleach, which I love. I feel like its really clean when its smells like bleach. Then when we were done we took a nap. Sadly when Jonah woke up he discovered that he may have caught a cold!

Boy did he ever catch a cold. Its a pretty icky one. I have loved taking care of him, returning the favor from when I had the flu. We arent sure that it isnt the flu yet. He is only on day one and a half. But we are resting, drinking plenty of water, vitamin C, and some cold meds. He'll be better in no time.

We have been making some "plans" lately. The details will be announced after its official. But we are both really excited!!!


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