Saturday, April 10, 2010

A leak isnt the only thing the neighbor knows about

The sun is out and bright. We were all geared up to take a walk next to the water again. Our favorite super calls and says there is a leak and needs into our place. So we scurry to clean up and I take the trash out. When I go downstairs I run into this older gentleman that asks me if we have a leak. He must be the one living under us, I figure.

Bernie, our downstairs neighbor invites me to his apartment to show me the leaks. Its true he does have a leak. We chat a little and I start to leave. As I'm leaving he grabs a handful of cough drops and tells me, "I hear you coughing a lot". Ah... so much for privacy. Just think about it. If he can hear me coughing, what else can he hear? Ek. Fantastic.

Oh by the way, the leak is not coming from our apartment...

Some Easter pictures

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