Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Flair

The Flair is the name of our new Hoover vacuum cleaner. Jonah went to Mr. Vacuum to make this purchase, came home and put it together. We then prepared to turn it on with childlike excitement. It worked, of course.

This may seem like an everyday, mundane event but to us it was thrilling. We don't generally buy new, expensive things. Most things we buy are used or on sale so to get something new that was costly was such a wonderful feeling.

For Jonah he admitted that he was slightly embarrassed at how excited he was over this event. He always thought that people that got excited about these things were old and lame and now... he's one of them. He has graduated into a new phase in life. The Flair phase, as I have chosen to lovingly name it.

Ah to be an adult.


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