Sunday, May 9, 2010

We Love Sundays (and sundaes!)

Budgeting in the city.
That's what has been on our mind. We have a lot coming up in the next few years and its come to or attention that living in the city and having a savings account seems impossible. We are comfortable. Nothings wrong. But the plan is to spend one more year in the city and then off to the outskirts and become commuters.

Commuters. Not so bad. We would like to get married and start a family eventually. We want to have a yard for our family. Even if its a small one, it needs to be one that we can afford. Here, in the city we love, we will not be able to afford one anytime soon. If I have my way we will move someplace else cool before settling into family life but we'll see.

We tried to see a Tribeca film fest film. Sadly, it was sold out. But we're determined to catch it next year. We wanted to see this film called "The Infidel".

Well, now that we have done the grocery shopping at 4 different stores, taken our laundry to be done, cooked dinner and lunch for a week, and cleaned the house I think I will finally sit down and enjoy some TV or something.


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