Saturday, December 1, 2012

One door closes and a new one opens

Whelp, I'm thirty years old.

To be honest, if you asked me a few years ago I was fairly disappointed that this milestone was coming up however now that its come its refreshing.

My twenties were heartbreaking and fun. I learned a lot about life, love, faith, and self-worth. Up until 26 it was rough. I struggled with a horrible depression and had a terrible time getting back on track. Twenty-six is when I was steered in a different direction. I genuinely get to enter my thirties happy. I feel like I have overcome and acomplished more than I imagined I would. I feel successful at work and happy at home.

Of course, I must celebrate the new chapter in my life with a to do list. If I'm not making a list I don't feel like I'm achieving. Ive come up with a few adventures and goals that I would like to try in my thirties. I will share the list here so that I dont lose it like I lost the last one.

Things to do in my Thirties:

Go hot air ballooning.
Grow a veggie garden
Learn how to and make a quilt.
Finish Kayla, Landon, and Lucas Baby Scrapbook and make it a regular thing again
Have a baby
Learn to knit and knit a baby blanket
Have a romantic picnic on the Mall in DC
Run a 5k
Take a surfing lesson

Start my own business on the side
Take a beginners Italian class
Pay off my debt
Get my license back
Get in shape
Buy a house
Drive route 66
Sky Dive

Watch a meteor shower
Go to Paris
Go to Venice again, this time with my Husband
Build a nest egg
Drive across the country
Buy a car
Stop feeling guilty

Send cards
Learn how to play BlackJack and play at a casino
Purchase my dream camera and get back into photography
Stay at a 5 star hotel
Go on an all inclusive vacation

That's where I stand right now. We'll see how far I get and I may add more or take some away. This is my list. 

You may be wondering what I did on my birthday this year. Well, we were suppose to be in in Florida but that didnt work out for us this time around. We decided to go see the family in Erie. Now that the children are there and I cant see them as often I miss them like crazy. I went to a day spa called Panache. It was awesome. I got the luxury package and was pampered all day long. I even got my anti-aging facial. I will post an after photo. I think it worked. 

After the spa we went to see my brothers band and found that they threw a surprise party. We had a lot of fun. I posted some photos on Facebook. The last time I celebrated with my family I was 21 and it was just as crazy this time around only this time I didn't drink nearly as much but had a blast regardless. 

My beautiful husband did a great job making the day really special. Despite the hatred I have for my birthday he did a fantastic job making it wonderful. 

I'm thirty, and for the first time in my life I can honestly say I'm at a good place. I wouldn't change a thing.



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