Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The last few months have been a little windy...

Lots has happened since last December. The biggest thing is that we moved to Chicago.

Initially, I was not excited about the move. It was my promotion that led to the transfer but we were living in a beautiful little townhouse with rose bushes, a fenced in backyard, 3 bedrooms. We painted and decorated. We had ourselves a little love nest on the outskirts of DC. When I told Jonah about the news he was so excited. He missed city livin'. I couldn't possibly believe that I would like Chicago more than New York.

A few weeks after we moved I had to travel back to New York for work and I stayed for a week and a half. What an eye opener. I love NYC and I always will. There is an energy there that is indescribable. BUT... Chicago is awesome. I love how clean this city is. I love the beaches. The people are pretty awesome. My office is sweet. My apartment, although expensive, is quite charming. We really like Chicago. Keep in mind, we have only been here a few months and have not seen winter yet. Thus far, a big thumbs up from us.

Could this be our forever home? Maybe! Probably not (snow) but it is definitely a real possibility. 

Us keeping things goofy

One of my favorite post Chicago pics of the cats. Tea time!

A first attempt at decorating
Couldn't love this rug more if I tried
I frequent the Farmers Markets where I find my favorite, Peonies!
We love the beach- 2 blocks from our apartment

Love lake livin'

Started to grow veggies in the back

Fireworks at the beach
I should get back to this blogging thing. I kinda missed it.


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