Saturday, February 5, 2011


Lace. I think its one of the loveliest things the world has to offer. When I think of the woman I want to be I think of lace. So pretty. So delicate. Very romantic. Very feminine. A little European. Men might wear silk but never lace. Lace was made for a woman.

There are some women I think we're made for lace. An example would be Marion Cotillard in the movie Nine. In fact when I saw her in Public Enemies and Inception I thought the same thing. It's not the way she looks but who she is.

I've always felt that lace was sexier than silk. When looking for undergarments Ive always preferred and felt prettier in lace. It feels a little rougher on the skin than the other fabrics but just adds such a texture.

Ive always been cotton. Never lace or even skin. Cotton. Cotton is sturdy and reliable. It's tough, can be washed any way without being damaged. Hot water. Bleach. The fabric stays in tact. Lace shrivels up in extreme circumstances but not cotton. Anyone can pull off cotton. I'm glad to be cotton but for one day in my life I want to be lace. Holes and all.

I may be cotton on the outside but secretly I'm lace inside.

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