Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Define "Horrible"...

Some of us have no idea what a “horrible” day looks like. The days that I describe as horrible are stressful. They generally include nasty and rude people, maybe family issues, deadlines that are silly or next to impossible, my neck so tight it feels like it could literally snap, situations that tragic- the worst day of someone’s life, and it usually ends in tears (mine, the clients, or my family). The day is followed by a glass of wine. Even if the day turns into a horrible week or month it always ends. No one has been injured, no one has died (thank God), and everyone is healthy (for the most part). Even on my horrible days I am blessed.

God reminded me a few days ago that, even though my situation currently is frustrating and my heart is hurting, it is a challenge and not a disaster. There is so much to be thankful for and so many blessing to count. Thinking negatively doesn’t solve anything.

There is a beautiful little princess named Kaitlyn who is fighting for each day of her life. Now, what they are going through is horrible. They have such a wonderful and positive prospective. Their faith is so strong. I’m praying for them just as much as I pray for us. Take a look at her blog:

I’m inspired. I’m thankful. I will act accordingly.


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