Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Serenity prayers

The serenity prayer, its so simple but so powerful.

The power of prayer is an amazing thing. His presence has meant everything to me.
Something I would have normally adored happened yesterday. Our company asked us for a list of our top 5 cities nationally and internationally for relocation possibilities. At first my list was adventurous and was made of dream locations. But then reality set in and I became scared. I have a responsibility to stay near my family. I need to be able to get to them, a drive away.

Being so far away from my family when we lived in New York was so difficult. I cried on the subway nearly every night on the way home from work for almost two months. My heart hurt so badly. I just wanted to love on the babies. My heart is so attached to my niece and nephews.

The heart is a crazy thing. It feels like nothing else in the whole world.

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