Sunday, October 25, 2009

Almost unpacked

We went out last night and saw a show with a pretty fun group of people. The show was Rain Machine. It was okay. I enjoyed meeting everyone. Very eccentric cats! Actors. They have such big personalities. Very fun.

So we have been in our place for a week. We are nearly unpacked, and it feels amazing to be able to say that! I took some more pictures of the rooms that are basically done. The bedroom isn't yet. Lot of clothes. We have two closets and one is really a half a closet with a few shelves. Boy took the full closet (all his clothes need hung). I am running out of space for my clothes. We need to figure something out.

I'm gunna beg everyone to be patient with me, communication wise. I have been beyond busy with unpacking, working, and trying to figure out my surroundings. I promise to get to everyone. It's only been a week. The first few weeks of a move are so tough. I have some huge adjustments to get through. I'm not avoiding anyone. I want to chat. Please just be patient.

Alright I'm going to post some pictures now and try to finish the unpacking (while boy does laundry). If we can get it all done Boy and I are going to see autumn since its late when we get home.

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