Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We Want To Be A Part Of It!

Since eighth grade, when I made my first trip to New York City, I wanted to be a part of it. There was an energy that could not be contained nor described and I wanted to roll in it. I dreamt of having a Friends apartment and hanging out near the theatres, art museums, and coffee shops.

As this dream progressed I started to realize that my ideal job would be a makeup artist, in where else but Broadway. It was all I could think about, creating characters and being a part of live masterpieces. Mandy and I went to New York to check out MUD, a makeup design school, for my birthday a few years ago. It was incredible and I was in love. In love with a lifestyle, an idea, a city. THE CITY.

There were days that I would wake up and long to be in NYC. My heart has been in the city for years. Some nights I would come home from work or school and put in a movie that was based in NYC just to pretend I was there. In the mornings that I have time, I watch the Today Show to see what the weather is like in the city that day.

My desire for the city was so strong that I felt like maybe the man God made for me lived there since my heart was obviously there already. I eventually met someone who loved NYC just as much I did and we became friends. This fantastic gentleman and I would constantly talk about how wonderful the city was and his experiences growing up there.

For nearly 5 years this was the one common ground that he and I had. We would dream of how beautiful the city is in the fall and how we both thought we should visit the NYC someday in October so that we could enjoy the colors and crisp scent of autumn. Ironically, this gentleman and I fell in love and are moving to our favorite city to collect our hearts, In October.

I'm making this blog to keep anyone who is interested updated in my NYC adventures and life. Enjoy, I will be.



  1. i love this, please keep it up, I also love NYC, but have never been there, u can be my eyes and let me see NYC thru your eyes** I am so happy for you guys and wish the very best for you two!