Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Lets update again...

I love NYC food. Seriously, nearly everything is delicious! Hey! Ever notice that Delicious has the word DELI in it? I know why... omg! I cant wait to head Ben/Jesse/Emilys direction for some yummy-ness. I told Boy that those sandwich's beat flowers any day!! Thank God for the treadmill in our place.

So Boy is almost completely unpacked and I still rummage through boxes for clothes. Did I pack too much or am I just being lazy? Maybe a little of both. By the time I get home I am SOOOO tired!! I cant stand it!

My co-workers are getting cooler as the days go on. Since I'm the newbie its tough. But luckily there are quite a few that haven't been there long so I'm in good company.

I feel completely unconnected from the world this week but next week will be better. this weekend I will get a lot done. We only have Internet in one room... the bedroom. Cant complain, its free (and slow).

Hopefully tonight and I can FINALLY sleep through the night... eh

Lots of Love,

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