Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Biggest Complaint

The commute.

Everyone that I talk to, who doesn't use a subway to get to work, thinks that the subway commute must be the coolest thing ever. I will admit that I too once thought that, that is until I had to use it.

Now week two of the train isn't half as bad as week one because you just get use to it and realize that your options are very limited. We live at the end of the R train, in Brooklyn. We love Bay Ridge and even the R train isn't too bad. But switching trains twice and having to stand for and hour and and 20 minutes kind of stinks. Its not the standing its the amount of time you feel like you're wasting and the lack of things to do while standing.

if I'm seated I have no problem pulling out a book or whatever to help the time pass. But when standing and switching so much you just cant get settled enough for anything.

But then again, this is ONLY week two and it IS getting better. 'Things started going great since I gave up hope!' haha.

I'm liking work a lot more. I started to make friends and I'm getting the hang of it. I found out today that we do get paid time and a half for overtime. Working late never felt so good. Money isn't everything but I have a plan. I want to do something cool every weekend we are in NYC at least for the first year. I will need money for that... and schooling. So... you get the picture. I'm working for the weekends.

Alright... I'm gunna take a bath now. Wash away the day.


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