Thursday, October 8, 2009

No, seriously, did we get it?

A week from today we are suppose to be moving in to our cute Bay Ridge (New York) apartment, an apartment that we still don't know if we have yet. That's right, last minute and down to the wire per usual. Would I have it any other way? YES.

I'm packing a box trailer with all of my belongs to take to... no where yet. The apartment people, namely Amir and his jerk side kick, have been giving us 'to do' lists as of late. Its my personal opinion they are doing this to buy themselves some more time. But it is rather aggravating as you can imagine. Now we are just waiting for some more paperwork to be completed and turned in, which will be done today, and after that we wait again to see if we got it. It's irritating.

Some good news though, Boy came over last night and spent the night. He dropped off a few packed boxes and spent some quality time with me. It was much needed. As of late we have been so stressed out and in our own heads that we needed a vacation from the move, and we got it. It was fantastic.

I knew moving was expensive but my goodness I had no idea. As many of you might already know I lost my job the first week of September. I qualify for unemployment but I wont be able to receive it until after the fact finding interview and that's not until Oct 22nd. So I have been living on a prayer basically and thankfully loans from the rents. I have a job now but it doesn't start until Oct 19th. Thank God for my family, without them I would be lost and perhaps homeless!?!?

We'll it's pretty much official, I'm sick. I caught something somewhere and when topped with allergies it makes for a very "fun" and "productive" me. I was up all night thinking, coughing, and blowing my nose. Poor Boy.

Maybe a nap is in order. After all, I did promise Boy I would take one.


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