Monday, October 12, 2009

Longest two weeks ever...

Today is Monday and tomorrow will be the two week mark. Two weeks since we found out we were moving. So much has happened in these two weeks.

We have gone through the apartment hunting, finalizing job details, packing our entire lives, telling our parents, preparing to leave our families, looking for furniture, dealing with the apartment people (which we are STILL doing- Amir!), considering the pet situation, getting rid of a lot so that it will fit into our place... you get the idea.

I'm tired and stillllll sick. It's very difficult to be motivated to do all this packing and moving things around when you're not feeling well. I'm getting it done though. I thought it was the moth balls but it turns out the moth balls just made it worse.

I'm a little overwhelmed because we aren't sure which day we are moving yet. I don't know why it bothers me. I would like to leave Thursday morning and clean a bit, maybe pain the living room so its not yellow. But Boys parents are gunna be around I want to be sure that they are comfortable and happy since it will be a rather emotional time for them. I just need to know what to expect, prepare in my mind. This weekend is going to be very overwhelming for us. If you're looking to visit give us a few weekends. I will feel less overwhelmed and be able to enjoy everyone more...

Beth is making a family going away dinner for me on Wednesday. I'm having a hard time thinking about leaving the babies. They mean so much to me and I don't wanna miss them growing up like I have the others. I have to make sacrifices so that i can have what I want in life. Very very tough.

My face itches!


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