Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Working 9 to 6ish... ISH

Ever feel like the only thing you do is work? Me too!

First day at the new job... whats there to say? I hated it. But I went back today and really liked it. I think yesterday I was feeling so homesick for my family. Dad sent me a photo message of Crash (Landon) and I got it while on the subway... I burst into tears and did not stop from Manhattan to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn... in fact I did not stop until about 20 mins after I got home. It was a tough day.

The job was so busy that I didn't get to know anyone I worked with and it seemed like they had noooo personality and it made me lonely. But day two was much much better. I worked with this great girl and she was a lot of fun.

I'm exhausted. Boy is more unpacked than I am! I get up at 6:30am and he wakes up with me and makes me tea while I shower and get ready. He turns on the news and even irons my clothes! Great guy! Feeds the kids (cats)... so sweet. Great Boyfriend! Love him to death! The Best. Even makes me breakfast.

Im very much looking forward to this weekend. Im going to finish unpacking, clean our apartment, and get a mani/pedi!

Kudos to Mom! She got the new job!! Im sooo proud of her! I knew she would!!

Okay, Bedtime.

Lots of Love!


  1. wow!! SOUNDS AMAZING!! :) and Jonah sounds awesome! :) sooo proud of you!! :) <33333 I LOVE YOU!! <333

  2. Megan-O
    Thank You for being a Wonderful Daughter and Friend. Thank You also for letting Patti and I be a part of Your Exciting adventure. We Had a GREAT time in New York even the Subway.
    I am SO very proud of You and Excited for You and Boy (Jonah).
    You Never know where life takes us, but enjoy the ride, sometimes we miss the bus and never get to see the wonders along the way. WOW, YOU ARE IN NEW YORK CITY LIVING! WOW See, Dreams do come true!
    Love Daddy-O