Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Did we get it?

Today we are waiting to hear back from the apartment people for confirmation on the place and a move in date. Maybe I should be nervous about this but I'm not. I feel like God led me to this and he will get me through it. He's not going to leave me hanging, he never does.

What's on todays agenda? More packing of course! I need to cancel a few memberships around here but other than that I'm in good shape. I would also like to do some research on churches in the area as well as walmarts/targets.

Boy and I discussed the car situation today. Whether or not he will be bringing his car and if I will be bringing mine. I think he decided that he would leave his and I would bring mine. I just cant be without that freedom. If I want to go immediately I like having that option and in Bay Ridge there is room for a car. Now, I know that my car isn't in great shape but I'm crossing my fingers (and toes)and sending up prayers that it will be okay and there wont be any problems that cant be solved with jumper cables.

On my mind today, those delicious bagel sandwiches we had near Ben/Emily/Jesses place. Wowser! Thats what I really want today, a piece of heaven on my tongue.

Oh well, back to packing...



  1. The Target is at Atlantic/Pacific. So you'll just take the R straight down. Or drive down 4th. As far as Walmart goes... NYC actually has some sort of ordinance keeping walmart out. The closest walmart is either upstate or in NJ, but there will never be one in ny... kmart is in manhattan.